Dedicated staff steer hospital through the latest wave of coronavirus – video update

We are delighted to be able to share this video update from The Duncan Hospital. It is so good to see hospital director Prabhu Joseph, staff and patients, and hear that their tireless work in the face of waves of coronavirus has saved so many lives.

You may remember we were helping to fundraise towards a new Oxygen plant and it is a stark reminder why when Prabhu explains, that at the peak of the last wave, 150 Oxygen cylinders a day were needed. Sadly although they were not able to help everyone all the staff worked tirelessly even though many themselves caught the virus or had loved ones suffering. It is also good to hear that the hospital was recognised by government bodies for their humanitarian work and offered help when practical.

We knew the staff were remarkable before corona devastated India, but this video shows the true dedication of a band of doctors, nurses, and auxiliaries who always put their patients first. Hearing from patients’ families about how the staff went above and beyond to save them is remarkable.

Thankyou to The Duncan for sharing this video with us.

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