Nursing a future at The Duncan

Our new fundraising campaign starts soon and with your help, we hope to raise £1,100 every 6 months to open the opportunity to train as a nurse at The Duncan Hospital to 2 girls who otherwise, due to impoverished backgrounds, would never be able to consider a career in nursing.

Each student pays the equivalent of £3,300 to complete the 3-year nursing degree, this amount covering all tuition fees, uniform, board, and lodgings.

These fees are beyond the dreams of many but we can change this for 2 young girls. Staff at the Duncan are currently interviewing young hopefuls for the Autumn 2022 trainee intake and during this process will identify 2 local girls who will benefit from the support of The Duncan Hospital Charitable Trust.

We hope with your help, to lift more young girls out of poverty like this. We begin our fundraising campaign soon but in the meantime, we hope you enjoy hearing from Raji and Dolly who are current nursing students, about what it means to them to be doing a nursing degree here.

“Hi, I’m Dolly. I’m 22 years old and currently studying in my 3rd year in Nursing School. I come from the beautiful state of Sikkim in North Eastern India. I come from a very poor family and my mother takes care of us with the little that she earns. I joined nursing in 2019 and in my second year went through a very difficult medical problem. I had to skip a year and half of my training to recover and during the illness I struggled with a lot of depression. However, I fought the sickness and back in training and in my final year now. I love my studies and clinical work. My teachers tell me I’m a responsible and caring individual. I want to become a good nurse and take care of people who have been through difficulties. I’m currently supported by two doctors who worked here at the Duncan.”

“Hi, I`m Raji. I`m 20 years old and in my 2nd year of nursing training at the Duncan Hospital School of Nursing. I have been through a lot in my childhood and my parents struggled to provide for me and my siblings as we grew up. I was encouraged by the elders in my church to study and become a nurse. My sister completed her nursing in Duncan SON and she received some help from the hospital. I am also financially supported by the hospital and hope to study and become a good nurse. I love the course and I’m trying my best to be a good student. My mom continues to work with a little help from my elder sister. Soon I will complete the course and take care of my family. I believe God will bless me to do well and have an independent struggle-free life.”

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