Urgent fundraiser for oxygen plant to help save covid patients

Gift the Breath of Life – The current Oxygen producing plant at The Duncan Hospital is struggling with unprecedented demand. We are urgently fundraising to help build an emergency plant to provide desperately needed oxygen for Covid patients. A production plant costs £58,000.

It is easy to feel helpless watching the tragic scenes from India of people dying on streets and being cremated in car parks. But there IS something positive you can do to help. We are raising urgent funds for The Duncan Hospital to buy a new oxygen producing plant.

Staff numbers at The Duncan have been hugely affected by this latest wave of corona with many falling ill, others are battling on to save the most critical patients. Currently, the hospital’s old oxygen plant is creaking along at a capacity it was never designed for, it needs to be switched off every two hours to make sure it doesn’t overheat. The hospital is desperately trying to raise £58,000 to pay for a new O2 production plant to work beside the old one and ensure they can continue to save more lives.

So, if you would like to make a difference and know where 100% of your donation is going, please consider giving any amount, no matter how small. Thank you from all of us at www.tdhct .co.uk 

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