Thankyou all so much for your generosity!

A huge heartfelt thankyou to everyone who donated to our “Breath of Life” campaign to provide an urgently needed new oxygen plant for the Duncan hospital – EHA during the corona crisis. You raised a fantastic £9,926.51!

We have received brilliant news that a major single donor (who we will be able to tell you more about soon) saw the appeals and has stepped in to fund the cost of a new oxygen plant and in even better news, this will be a bigger one than The Duncan was aiming to install. This large capacity plant will mean more lives will be saved and the exhausted existing oxygen plant will no longer be the sole provider of life-saving air. (This current plant is still being switched off every two hours to cool down, as it was never designed for such heavy-duty 24-hour use.)

Hospital Director Prabhu, who has battled Covid himself and is now thankfully recovered and is back treating patients, told us about the new plant; “It is a reputed American brand called Airsep/Airox. It is the same brand that we have already. We were told it would leave for Raxaul from somewhere in India and might be ready in about 15-20 days.

We know that you will all be as delighted as we are to hear this great news and rest assured 100% of the money you donated on our Just Giving Campaign will still be going to the Oxygen plant project. However, as the major cost of the plant itself has been donated your money will now go towards the cost of installing vital new pipework and re-vamping the old pipes which transport the oxygen to patients’ bedsides.

We will also now be able to provide a few new beds in The Intensive Care unit each one with its own oxygen supply. We have closed our Just Giving campaign so that the funds can be transferred to allow this work to commence as soon as possible.Once again a huge thank you all from staff and patients at The Duncan Hospital and us all at The Duncan Hospital Charitable Trust.

You really have helped to save lives and, in the future when we all hope that this virus is finally under control, know that your donations will still be working hard for years to come, piping the breath of life to vulnerable patients.

The images show The Duncan as it is at the moment – treating severely ill corona patients.

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