You have helped make this happen! Thankyou

If you donate to the Duncan Hospital Charitable Trust 100% of your money goes to the hospital – that is our promise. So, we are delighted to share some good news with you this morning.

Earlier this year we ran a general emergency Corona Crisis fundraiser. We are thrilled to share these images from the hospital of new oxygen ventilators which some of the funds raised were used for. These machines are crucial in the care of patients who require artificial help to keep breathing while they fight this virus. The older ventilators in the hospital have already spent over 30,000 hours breathing life into such patients, these new ones will help save many more.

The new ventilators were first blessed during a short ceremony, as is the custom at the hospital. They were then immediately put to work, as our image shows, helping critically ill patients to breathe.

So, thankyou to all of you who donated, your support is vital, and you are helping to save lives right now.

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